Life Path 3 Grey Edition


I am always figuring out what life path number people are to get a better understanding of them on a soul level, numerology fascinates me.

My wish while creating these prints was that they serve as a daily reminder of all that you are, with positive affirming words that catch your eye, and to bring about self-awareness of some of the more challenging aspects of your character that you may wish to work on for your souls evolution.

Now you can hang your life path number proudly and fully embrace all that you are, the light, dark and everything in between.

As a Life Path #3 you were a born to express yourself creatively.

  • Stripe


This digital art collection is inspired by my fascination with Numerology. In numerology, your life path number carries the strongest vibration of all the numbers in your chart and can herald great insight into your life’s purpose and some of the challenges you may face in this incarnation.

I designed this collection in monochrome tones on purpose. Like all things in life, there is lots of grey in the shadows and a balance of light and dark to be made, ying and yang, masculine and feminine etc… Each print contains words associated with that Life Path number, in the positive and negative.

None of us are perfect, we are hear to love, learn and grow. I believe the best way to do that is through our own self-awareness, being vulnerable and showing love, understanding and forgiveness to ourselves and others.

Numerology is a great tool to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and those you love. Why not give someone the gift of insight with one of these prints?

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