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You are what makes you unique! We work with you to get your personal and business communications across in a visually captivating way, with design and copy writing for some, or all, of your content requirements.

We would like the work we do to directly benefit other people. We are seeking to connect with individuals and businesses working on projects and products that have a positive impact on other people and the communities they live in.

Creatives, healers, inventors, musicians, artists, community visionaries, charities, support workers, volunteers, and other altruistic souls… You are my people and I would love to work with you!

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We see the ability to be able to inspire others with something we have created as an immense privilege. Whether it’s a logo, t-shirt design, meme, original art piece or the words to accompany your message, we design and create intuitively to your requirements and hope to inspire you while doing it!

Brand Identity, Logos, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Service Brochures & Merchandise etc…

Original Illustrations, Logo Creation, Info-Graphics, Advertising Art, Posters & Album Covers etc…

Document Creation, Website Copy Text, Presentations, Portfolios, CVs & Proposals, Articles, Proofreading, Poetry & Reviews etc…

Acrylic Paintings, Digital Artwork, Installations, Mixed Media Creations, Photography, Collaborations & Commissions etc…

Limited edition prints

Here at Kerrie On, our passion is to create the very best in bold, inspirational and spiritual prints so that you can have something a little more exclusive and personal in your home.

Producing limited edition typography, illustration and photography prints, all individually signed and numbered on high quality art paper and sold here on our independent online shop.

About Kerrie

Why hello there beautiful souls and thank you for visiting my website. The creation of Kerrie On has provided me the opportunity to ensure the work I do is in service to others and that is extremely important to me.

If you would like more insights into the inspiration behind the artwork and what else is going on at Kerrie, follow me!


One of my favourite things to create is artwork that is completely personal to the person or company receiving it. I like to go deep and once I have the pertinent information, I can set about creating something beautiful and unique.

I also love to create typographical digital prints as gifts for newborns, family members, friends and special occasions, these include details such as birth information, natal chart and numerology information, messages or heartfelt words collected from loved ones and anything else that feels right to include in the design process.

Displaying this information creatively is an amazing privilege to work on and wonderful keepsake for that special someone in your life.

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